Excellent Hardwood Refinishing Services

Are your hardwood surfaces scuffed and scratched? The Wood Shed can help. We can sand those rough edges off and refinish your floors. Don't invest in totally new floors when you don't have to. Take advantage of what lies underneath.

Call us at 319-626-4774 for an appointment. 

Think of Us for Hardwood Flooring and Repairing Jobs

The Wood Shed knows how to make your abraded floor look great again. Whether the floor needs simple sanding or more comprehensive repairs, we do it all for a fair price.

Your Choice of Finishes

When it comes to refinishing your floors, you get to call the shots. While The Wood Shed is happy to offer you advice on which finishes will work best for your floors, at the end of the day it's your choice.

Choose from a variety of options and leave the rest to us! We won't give you a reason to complain about our workmanship or quality of materials that we use.

Tired of Dealing With Dust?

Dust refinishing can create a barrier between your floors and the dreaded dust bunny. This unique process helps repel dust and prevent it from taking up root in your floors. The result is more dazzling floors and a simpler cleaning and maintenance process. 

Unleash the luster that's hiding beneath the dust, grime, and rough edges of your floors. Contact our team today!
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If you want the floors in your home repaired without making significant investments, let us refinish and sand them back to their original sheen. Get in touch with us today. 

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